The Mission

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) is an interdisciplinary student-focused group that aims to build, study, and design the next generation of unmanned aerial systems. Penn State UAS aims to provide an avenue for every student to progress their educational, personal, and career goals, actively promoting interdisciplinary inquiry, and solve real world problems.

The Subsystems


The Software subsystem is responsible for design and implementation of the aircraft's autopilot, the algorithms for computer vision, implementing onboard automatic image recognition and designing ground stations controls and image recognition software.


The Aeromechanics subsystem designs and builds the airframe. Working in tandem with the avionics subsystem they make sure the airframe meets competition requirements.


The Electrical subsystem designs and builds RF communication systems, power budget control, and work closely with avionics. They will be constructing a high bandwidth data-link for the competition.